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Building a Stronger
Community, Together

Make Mental Wellness A Right, Not A Privilege. 

This Is How We Started


Clinician Paul Radkowski goes to work in the Northwest Territories and sees firsthand how the lack of services and access to mental health and addiction treatment tears lives apart. He is inspired to develop a program that takes evidence-based resources used on the frontline and make them accessible online to anyone in need.


Upon return to his practice in Waterloo, Ontario, together with fellow clinician Monique Peats, they began to design and Co-found the Life Recovery Program (LRP-Inward Strong), a wellness system to remotely support and care for individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. 


LRP- Inward Strong has received multiple awards and gained impressive recognition. It has been court-mandated in the US & Canada, and most importantly, the wellness system has served thousands of individuals and families and has helped save jobs, relationships and lives. 


A newly refreshed platform and wellness system (Inward Strong) focusing on supporting people with mild-to-moderate mental health issues is released along side sister NFP BIS (Be Inward Strong) 

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The Inward Strong wellness system was developed and Founded by Paul Radkowski and Monique Peats, registered psychotherapists, subject matter expert authors, and professional speakers, with over 55 years of collective experience.

"We grew tired of seeing people bleed and die in the gaps, there has been a therapist shortage for decades, and many people and geographical regions just simply don't have access to care. We made it our mission to create a platform that could be accessible to anyone 24/7."


The Wellness System is comprised of a comprehensive set of evidence-based therapies and techniques delivered digitally and through video, that address a broad range of mental health afflictions while also providing effective preventative and proactive mental fitness resources. 

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Co-Founder Laura Milne joined Paul and Monique on their mission to make mental wellness accessible to all. Laura has led the platform transformation and program refresh, created a sister Not For Profit - BIS (Be Inward Strong) and developed the Tokens Of Gratitude Program. 

​​"We all struggle with mental health at some point or know somebody who does, and everyone can benefit from building better mental fitness. Sadly, however, in many communities including our own, support is out of reach for many individuals in need. Be Inward Strong is changing that, and I feel privileged to be part of the mission to make mental wellness accessible to all."

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