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Mental Wellness For All

BIS (Be Inward Strong) is on a mission to make mental wellness a right, not a privilege. 

We provide Charity and  Community partners with digital Mental Fitness and Mental Health support.

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Support to more people

Offer a 24/7 resource

Anonymous & stigma fee

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A Comunity of Care

The purpose of BIS is to provide Charities and Community groups that support individuals that struggle with mild-to-moderate mental health issues (depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, relationships) with anonymous access to the Inward Strong platform for their members.   

Inward Strong is more than an award-winning digital wellness system, it's a community of people and companies that believe everyone deserves the opportunity to "Be Inward Strong". The Inward Strong platform helps people take control of their mental wellness, improve mental fitness, and build psychological capital. 

The BIS program is possible because of Tokens of Gratitude™ earned by Individuals and organizations each time they use Inward Strong to better their Mental Fitness. Each token helps us provide program access to those in need.


Why Inward Strong?

Simple to Implement

Add your portal URL to your community or website for those seeking help, invite individuals, or post your pamphlet with a QR code in your locations. ​

  • Support more people;

  • Offer a 24/7 resource;

  • Reach individuals unable or not yet ready to receive one-on-one care.    

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Anonymous, 24/7 Access

From assessments, personally-curated care pathways, and pre-recorded-guided video sessions, to interactive techniques. Inward Strong's digital solution scales and is available day or night.

Analytics Reporting

Anonymous mental health snapshots help you to keep a pulse on your Community's stress and coping levels, areas of struggle and areas of improvement.

Inward Strong is
Awarded & Recognized 

Best Health Technology Innovator Award (McMaster University)

Outstanding Service in Mental Health (OAMHP/OACCPP)

Outstanding Contributions in Addiction (ACA)

80% of users report reduced symptoms and significant improvement in coping (CAMH)


We Help People Live Happier

Thanks for all your help and support. The tools that you taught me will stick with me always!
- Candice

Become a BIS Community Partner 

Digital Nomad

Take a Look

  • Simple to implement.

  • No extra work for you or your team.

  • 24/7 access for all that need it

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